Who We Are


To help the needy in a small way, but with a big impact. To create a new dimension in people's lives, where the word "helplessness" stands no place.


To provide a platform to establish mutual friendship and cooperation among all sections of the society, and hence realise the concept of "world is a family / vasudaiv kutumbakam"

Our Story

Who we are?
Big heart is a registered Non profit organization, intended at serving “all slabs” of society. Started by a bunch of youngsters, who share a strong will to better our society. Big Hearts wants to pave a way for all those who want to experience the joy of serving.

What do we do?
Big heart started in MAY 2015 with a pilot project of helping people who need blood. It’s a known fact that many people require blood in case of emergencies and many are losing lives for not getting blood at the right place at the right time. We aim at saving lives by catering to the blood requirement in the society by connecting blood donors to the blood needy. Big heart is currently working to increase its database of donors through out the city and aims at growing nationwide. Big hearts wants to totally eliminate scarcity for blood.

How do we do it?
For a better reach, Big Heart makes use of modern technology so that its services are accessible by anyone from anywhere. In this pursuit of serving maximum number of people. Big heart would like to connect with people who would like to volunteer to help the needy, who are willing to bring about a change in someone’s life, who are ready to bring a smile on someone’s face and to be someone’s hero. This is our first step to help the people. There will be more projects coming up where in we will use a lot more ideas to help everyone, near or far from us.

What We Do

After the ecstatic response to our pilot project “Blood donation”, we at Big Heart are excited to announce the launch of another such initiative “Sapno ke liye shiksha”. ‘Sapno ke liye shiksha’ is an idea-centric and pro-people initiative, with its focus on empowering the average Indian to contribute towards Nation building with ideas that will help ensure every child in India receives an excellent education. 'Sapno ke liye shiksha’ offers a paradigm of change through a medium, wherein the volunteers are given a platform to take up anything they are dedicated to teach and impart including dance, music, theatre, craft, etc.Big Heart will provide resources, training, and support to these leaders to help them impart their knowledge. Big heart will also visit schools in Bangalore to impart the idea of philanthropy and social awareness to the students. These students can further volunteer and play a vital part in sponsoring the education of underprivileged kids.

Who are Our Heroes

Who Are Our Strengths

Name Donated(₹)
Daphnae 2500
Megha V 2000
Sandeep KS 1500
Manjunath BR 1500
Manasa V 500
Aishwarya J 500
Aishwarya T 500
Abhinandan A 500
Keerthi Sagar CS 200
Narasimhan J 100
Name Donated(₹)
Priya S 500
Parvathi K 1000
Nagamani K 1000
Name Donated(₹)
Sandeep KS 1000
Manjunath BR 200
Ananda 500
Ginja 20
Ganesh Kumar 50
Namratha 130
Name Donated(₹)
Sandeep KS 1000
Sadhika 1000
Priya Anil 1000
Sudhir 760
Amrutha 500
Manjunath BR 500
Name Donated(₹)
Shwetha MA 1000
Priya 300
Vikas 500
Sandeep KS 500
Narasimhan J 1000
Amrutha 500
Name Donated(₹)
Keerthi Sagar CS 1000
Sandeep KS 500
Chaitra V 1000
Sudhir 500
Nidhi 350
Manish 450
Upasana 450
Vikas 500
Soumya 500
Priya 500
Name Donated(₹)
Sandeep KS 500
Nida 200
Amrutha V 500
Akash 3000
Narasimhan J 500
Priya Anil 750
Pavan Kumar 1000
Nishi 100
Karthik 100
Vimal 100
Umaid 100
Ajitesh 100
Pragati 100
Sangeeta 100
Swapnica 100
Manish 100
Pulkit 100
Hasan 100
Swati 100
Gaurav 100
Shruti 100
Vivek 100
Pritam 100
Name Donated(₹)
Kirthan Kotian 1500
Name Donated(₹)
Priya Anil 200
Sandeep KS 3000
Name Donated(₹)
Sandeep KS 505
Narasimhan J 3000
Vinay Bankapur 500
Name Donated(₹)
Shradha Kannan 43
Dr. Prashanth CM 100
Jyothi M 101
Guruprasanna 100
Name Donated(₹)
Priya Anil 250
Yoshitha 500
Harish 500
Shriganga 1000
Prashant S 2000
Maniganda 5000
Manvitha 500
Amrutha 3000
Deeksha 2000
Milind 1000
Gunjan 500
Manish 4000
Vikas 500
Pavan Kumar 2000
Sandeep KS 1000
Sahana 500
Arpith Bhat 4000
Name Donated(₹)
Amrutha 1000

What's New

Two Year Fund Raising Event

May 2017 is here, and it seems like only yesterday when a bunch of us decided to start an organization with the sole mission of bettering the world. We took a small step and we have come a long way. This May 27th, our Big Heart will be 2 years old. This is the time to toast, to rejoice and to focus on the future. We invite you to join us in the celebration. There will be motivational speakers to inspire, fun elements to entertain, and your contribution in the fund-raising event will always be cherished. Let us get together for a noble cause because as the saying goes- we all can work; but together we win!

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